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Compact, lightweight full-field burner that can be pushed or pulled by one person.
  • Immediate effect
  • No tractor needed
  • Lightweight machine, designed with ergonomics in mind
  • Ideal for use in greenhouses our poultry houses
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The soil is thermally treated to destroy weeds, weed seeds and fungi in a contactless manner.
  • Save 95% on manual labour
  • Weather independent
  • Immediate effect
  • More energy-efficient due to actively cooled chassis
  • 1 machine for different crops
  • Maximum speed with minimum gas consumption
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Our row burners are designed for precision work in and between the rows. Your crops gain a competitive advantage over weeds, seeds and fungi before, during or after emergence.
  • Localised contactless weed control
  • Immediate effect
  • Can be mounted on a hoeing machine
  • Works in or between the rows
  • Low consumption thanks to concentrated operation
  • Before, during and after crop emergence
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The FOCAS Heavy is a camera-controlled hoeing machine with the most solid chassis in our range. It combines precision and heavy-duty capability through a unique parallel system.
  • Hyper-precise thanks to reliable camera control
  • 1 machine for different soil types and crops
  • Clearance free parallel thanks to patented system
  • Versatile and easily adjustable
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FOCAS Classic

The FOCAS Classic is a solid hoeing machine in a lighter version than the FOCAS Heavy. The machine performs all basic tasks such as hoeing, local burning, ridging, etc. very efficiently and can be equipped with all common hoeing elements.
  • Easily expandable / adjustable
  • Various accessories possible
  • Maintenance-free
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VITUS Brassica Storage

Cabbage harvester for the fresh market. The machine holds the cabbage on the side to protect the more delicate top. A special blade cuts off the outer leaf and root from the cabbage under the clip bindings. The outer leaf falls onto the field together with the root, the cabbage is placed in the boxes manually by 1 or 2 workers.
  • Straight cut cabbages thanks to unique blade and clamping system
  • Save on labour
  • Less work after harvesting
  • Cabbages store longer
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VITUS Brassica Industry

The VITUS Brassica Industry brings red cabbages, white cabbages, sauerkraut and savoys into the trailer or container fully automatically. Thanks to its large capacity, high driving speed and accuracy, the harvested cabbage is suitable for immediate processing or temporary storage.
  • Straight cut cabbages thanks to unique blade and clamping system
  • If taken manually, also suitable for fresh market
  • Fully automatic harvesting
  • Quick return on investment
  • High capacity
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VITUS Porrum Auto

With the VITUS Porrum Auto, manual labour is a thing of the past. Thanks to a smart design, a flawless circuit of consecutive movements and high-tech software, the machine automatically places the leek in a container.
  • Fully automatic harvesting without damage
  • Filled horizontally layer by layer; leek can easily be taken out
  • Maximum filled container through a smart filling system
  • Also ideal for large-scale leek cultivation
  • Short payback period
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VITUS Porrum Disc

The VITUS Porrum Disc has a strong chassis and long clip bindings. This gives the typical parts of our leek harvester more space to carry out operations. The disc at the back of the machine aligns the leek nicely on the conveyor so that you can easily take the leek off.
  • Fast, efficient leek harvester
  • Harvest, cut and clean the leek in 1 movement
  • Also suitable for harvesting on trailers
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VITUS Porrum Classic

The standard version of the leek harvester is a light and compact basic machine that combines various operations. The machine harvests, cuts and cleans the leek. At the back, an employee places the harvested leek in boxes or containers.
  • Light and compact design, a light tractor is sufficient
  • Harvests, cuts and also cleans the leek
  • Suitable for all soil types
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