Vanhoucke Machine Engineering

We are a family business with decades of experience in agricultural technologies to protect, grow, harvest and process crops. Since 1991, we have been helping countless farmers worldwide with machines that we develop and manufacture ourselves in our company in Moorslede.

Knowledge of the craft

We develop agricultural technologies in collaboration with farmers. They tell us their needs, we develop the solution for each of their challenges. The result is always innovative, with attention for the environment and, above all, with respect for the farmer’s craft.

Focus on innovation

Technology never stops. Certainly not in agriculture. A change in crops or weather conditions, new PLCs, new technology, new insights into ease of use, new possibilities in terms of energy efficiency, etc. For us, these are triggers to challenge and optimize our technologies. We always strive for innovative machines of the highest quality.

Switch quickly

As a family-run SME, we can move quickly when a customer comes to us with a specific question. We make custom machines and, if possible, use standard parts that we have in stock. This allows us to respond quickly to the customer’s service needs. Over the years, we have built up extensive experience and developed and perfected various agricultural machines.

Our objectives

From the very beginning, we have distinguished ourselves by delivering quality. Good service and a personal approach are extremely important to us. We continue to innovate with an eye on ecology, ergonomics and sustainability. In this way we support farmers to carry out their work as efficiently and comfortably as possible.

Starting as a secondary occupation


Local farmers asked Johan Vanhoucke to carry out repairs to their agricultural machinery. Gradually the demand arose to make adjustments to existing machines and finally to develop and make completely new machines. All this was done as a secondary occupation in his garage in Kachtem. When the garage was too small, Johan built a workplace himself to carry out the work This provides the first impetus for what would later become our story.

Establishment the sole propiertorship "Vanhoucke Machinebouw"


Johan Vanhoucke and his wife Lut Desmedt decide to take the plunge, they both give up their jobs and buy a commercial building with a house in Moorslede. In this way they turn a hobby that got out of hand into their profession. They founded the sole proprietorship “Vanhoucke Machinebouw”.

First employee


Not only local farmers know where to find Johan and his innovative brain. Johan needs help to meet the number of requests and hire a first employee.



The growth continues and requires a tripling of the capacity at the site on Tuimelarestraat. A large workplace is added where welding and assembly work is done.

Professional spray booth


To finish the machines to perfection, Johan and Lut have a professional spray booth installed at the site on Tuimelarestraat.



The production capacity will be doubled again when a new workplace with offices and warehouse is installed. The site on Tuimelarestraat is completely built up.

Steven Vanhoucke


With three ambitious children, succession is assured. Son Steven is the first to join the company as a technical salesman. With his solid product knowledge, he immediately knows how to link a solution to the customer's specific problem. He is also the permanent point of contact for the assembly team.

Maarten Vanhoucke


The second son, Maarten, also joins the team. With an Industrial Design degree in his pocket, he takes care of the technological underpinnings of all machines. In addition to the design of the software and interface of new machines and prototypes, he is also responsible for adapting existing machines.

Transformation to "Vanhoucke Machine Engineering bv"


Vanhoucke Machinebouw undergoes a transformation: the sole proprietorship becomes a private limited liability company and the name changes to Vanhoucke Machine Engineering bv.

Miet Vanhoucke


Finally the daughter joins the family business. Miet ensures flawless management of logistics, purchasing and accounting.



Vanhoucke Machine Engineering is again expanding physically with a second location in the Briekhoekstraat in Moorslede. This means a doubling in capacity. The existing location in Tuimelarestraat is retained and completely reorganised for the production of agricultural machines. In the Briekhoekstraat, the machines are assembled, parts are stored and maintenance can be carried out on agricultural machines.

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