Vanhoucke Machine Engineering profilates themselfs as designer and manufacturor of farming equipment. Specialized in vegetable harvesting and treatment machines and also in mechanical weed control machines. Although we offer great variety, all our machines are own construction.

Vanhoucke Machine Engineering is a young and innovative company. Although we aren’t unknown in the agricultural sector. There are few others that have succeeded in developping modern and environment friendly techniques. We offer high quality machines and state of the end service.

Further info and specifications are given at 0032/51 77 97 63 during office hours.

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  • Holiday 14th and 15th of August
    We enjoy the last summer holidays the 14 and the 15th of August, if you need us: please send an email.
  • Summer holidays 2023
    Nous sommes en congé du 17 juillet au 4 août. A partir du lundi 7 août, nous serons de retour totalement rechargé ! Vous pouvez toujours nous contacter à l’adresse ou via notre formulaire de … Read more
  • Holiday 18th & 19th of May
    You can always contact us with our contactform or by email.
  • Happy holidays
    We can be reached by phone until December 21st. After this date you can contact us via email on reopen on January 3rd 2023! We wish you Happy Holidays and good health in 2023!