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New in our product range!

Trimming cabbages for the fresh market can now even faster and safer thanks to the VASCO Brassica Cut. With this cabbage cutter you can trim cabbages quickly and accurately down to the millimeter.

The machine consists of a round table with 9 places to put cabbages on. Sensors measure the distance to the cabbage and control a razor-sharp stainless steel blade that trims the cabbage to millimetre accuracy. Smartly programmed software makes it easy to enter the desired parameters. A push roller will then automatically guide the trimmed cabbage to a discharge conveyor. With the VASCO Brassica Cut, you can cut up to 16 cabbages per minute. The system keeps track of how much cabbage you have already processed and in what time frame.

After trimming the cabbage, you can opt to also have the excess leaves automatically removed with the VASCO Brassica Clean.

The cabbage is guided via a belt onto 2 rubber axial rollers, which rotate and guide the cabbage. During this process, a powerful fan blows loose the leaves off the cabbage. The cabbage then automatically ends up on a collection table.

Both machines are available separately or can be processed in one line. Watch the first video images of the prototypes of these machines via this link.

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