Manual full-field burner TRYFON Light

The TRYFON Light is an extremely light and compact machine designed for use in greenhouses and poultry houses. It is a mobile full-field burner that can be easily pushed or pulled by one person.  This machine has a standard working width of 1.6m and is equipped with an adjustable track width. For a safe ignition, the TRYFON Light is equipped with a battery and accompanying charger. A battery indication shows when you need to charge it.

Use in greenhouses

This machine is equipped with a high-performance burner that eliminates germinating weeds, small weeds and fungi. Thanks to the lightweight design, the impact on the soil is negligible, so you avoid soil compaction.

Use in poultry houses

The TRYFON Light reaches extremely high temperatures, tackling all pathogens in the process, unlike chemicals that work more selectively. It is therefore ideal for use in poultry houses. With the TRYFON Light, it is easy to follow lines and so you can be sure to treat the entire surface. It also works much more efficiently than a hand burner and, thanks to its adjustable width, you can burn right up to the side of the building.


The gas used to operate the burner is safe and efficient. This is because liquid propane gas does not freeze. The gas is converted from liquid to gas phase in the machine by an evaporator, so you maximize the efficiency of the propane gas. The machine is equipped for standard 10kg or 18kg liquid gas bottles.

The burner has its own secure electronic ignition with a main and ignition flame. The economical ignition flame ensures a smooth start-up. Both the main flame and the ignition flame can be adjusted in pressure to achieve optimal operation.


The burner has an adjustable push/pull rod. The position of the electrical box can also be adjusted as desired. The large wheels and light weight of the machine ensure comfortable use.

Suitable for organic farming

Weed burning is an efficient, environmentally friendly way to eliminate weeds. Without chemicals and without impact on soil (quality) and environment.

The advantages

  • Immediate effect
  • No tractor needed
  • Lightweight machine, designed with ergonomics in mind
  • Ideal for use in greenhouses our poultry houses

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