Full-field weed burner TRYFON Heavy

Contactless weed removal before and after sowing

With the full-field weed burner you remove weeds, weed seeds and fungi without slowing down crop growth. In any weather condition, quickly and mechanically. This is all possible thanks to the various ingenious components in our full-field burners.

Low maintenance costs

Our thermal weed burners consist of a fully metallised and painted construction with a high-quality insulated burner box of 2 meters or 2.5 meters long. This makes our full-field weed burners enormously solid, with a long service life and low maintenance costs.


The stainless steel plates along the front and back create a completely closed environment that is unaffected by wind gusts. This keeps the heat in place; extra efficient and energy-efficient.

The chassis has an integrated double bottom to make optimal use of residual heat. Here, the heat that would normally be lost is used to heat the air from the fans before it goes to the oven. This preheated air provides higher energy efficiency.

Another element that makes the burner so energy-efficient is the integrated fan. This ensures that there is always sufficient oxygen supply for optimum combustion with the highest possible combustion temperature (up to 1000°C and more).


The burner is not only energy-efficient, it also works very effectively. The machine has been developed to have the maximum temperature of the flame with the lowest gas consumption to eliminate as many weeds, seeds and fungi as possible. The integrated infrared beams give weeds the final blow a fraction of a second later. The combination of flames and infrared is extremely effective.


The burner box also has its own secure electronic ignition with a main and pilot flame, which you can also operate from the tractor. Comfortable and safe.

The economical pilot flame ensures a smooth start-up, lower gas consumption and heat retention when changing rows. At that moment, the main flame can automatically switch to the economical pilot flame. Once you reach the next row, the full-field burner switches back to the main flame. You control all these changes from the tractor.

The type of gas on which the full-field weed burner operates is also safe and efficient. This is because liquid propane gas does not freeze. The gas is converted from liquid to gas phase inside the machine by evaporators, so you maximise the efficiency of the propane gas. A sensor in the gas circuit continuously monitors the gas pressure and switches off the machine as soon as these values are outside the preset limits.

Clear display

The clear display increases the thermal burner’s ease of use. You always have an overview of what the full-field weed burner is doing and the most important parameters. Communication with the burner from the tractor is quick and easy. You also see information about the machine on the screen, e.g. when the gas filter needs cleaning.

Suitable for organic farming

Heating weeds is an efficient, environmentally friendly way to eliminate weeds. Without chemicals and without impact on soil (quality) and environment. Moreover, the gas consumption of the full-field weed burners is very low, with hardly any impact on the climate as a result.

The advantages

  • Save 95% on manual labour
  • Weather independent
  • Immediate effect
  • More energy-efficient due to actively cooled chassis
  • 1 machine for different crops
  • Maximum speed with minimum gas consumption


Standard weed burner

Foldable weed burner

Eccentrically pick-up weed burner

Weed burner with inserts

Technical specifications

TypeWorking widthStandard lengthWeight1 Ha at 4km/h1 Ha at 6km/h
THBR57005,7m2,5m2400kg26min17min 30sec


Stainless steel plates:

Stainless steel plates with a cut-out in the shape of the field structure to limit the influence of the wind.

CAN bus thermocouple:

Suitable for obtaining optimal adjustment of the fans.

Wheels flattened or rounded:

Flattened wheels spread the weight better and offer greater ease of use in the field; rounded wheels damage ridges less and are preferred for working between ridges.

Infrared sensor:

Reading of ground temperature, by keeping it between the correct values, the ideal driving speed can be set.


A maintenance kit with everything you need to keep the weed-burner in optimal condition.

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