Row burner TRYFON Focus

Made for precision work

Our row burners are made for precision work in and between rows. Your crops gain a competitive advantage over weeds, seeds and fungi before, during or after emergence. In other words, at all stages of growth. The crops will grow faster than the weeds, which also makes hoeing a lot easier afterwards.

Before, during and after emergence

If you work in the rows, use the row burner before or after the crops emergence. You also use the thermal burner between the rows during crop growth.

Note: if you use thermal weed control after the crop has emerged, you will burn the weeds but also damage the plant in the process. However, research has shown that in certain crops, this will have little to no effect on growth compared to untreated plants. To give your crops extra protection, you can add 2 discs between which the row burner does its work.

Energy efficient

With a row burner you work on a small area, between or in the rows. The machine allows very precise burning, which makes it an energy-efficient weed control method. The burner runs on liquid propane, which is converted to gas phase in the machine.

Different frames

Mount the row burner on different frames such as:

  • A fixed frame
  • Parallel frames of a hoeing machine

When mounted on a hoeing machine, you combine 2 movements in 1 operation: burning and hoeing. Twice as efficient!

Suitable for organic farming

Thermal weed control with a row burner is an efficient, environmentally friendly way to remove weeds between or in the rows. Without the use of chemicals and without impact on the soil (quality) and environment. In addition, the gas consumption of row burners is very low and the row burner is a cost-effective weed control machine.

The advantages

  • Localised contactless weed control
  • Immediate effect
  • Can be mounted on a hoeing machine
  • Works in or between the rows
  • Low consumption thanks to concentrated operation
  • Before, during and after crop emergence


Row burner with wind hood, equipped with insulation and IR grille. With its own built-in evaporator and equipped with stainless steel plates.

Optionally with electric ignition.

Simple row burner, 3D adjustable and equipped with its own evaporator. Can be mounted alone or in set on and between rows.


Wind canopy with infrared radiation

12 inch TFT-display

Leaf protectors

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