Our row burners are designed for precision work in and between the rows. Your crops gain a competitive advantage over weeds, seeds and fungi before, during or after emergence.
  • Localised contactless weed control
  • Immediate effect
  • Can be mounted on a hoeing machine
  • Works in or between the rows
  • Low consumption thanks to concentrated operation
  • Before, during and after crop emergence
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The FOCAS Heavy is a camera-controlled hoeing machine with the most solid chassis in our range. It combines precision and heavy-duty capability through a unique parallel system.
  • Hyper-precise thanks to reliable camera control
  • 1 machine for different soil types and crops
  • Clearance free parallel thanks to patented system
  • Versatile and easily adjustable
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FOCAS Classic

The FOCAS Classic is a solid hoeing machine in a lighter version than the FOCAS Heavy. The machine performs all basic tasks such as hoeing, local burning, ridging, etc. very efficiently and can be equipped with all common hoeing elements.
  • Easily expandable / adjustable
  • Various accessories possible
  • Maintenance-free
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The unique combination of a weeding harrow and weeding rake, where you work both between and in the rows. Ideal for use in tree nurseries, but also for various vegetables.
  • High efficiency thanks to bidirectional operation
  • Can also be used in higher crops
  • Applicable in different growth stages
  • Operation in and between rows
  • Ideal for bedding or field cultivation
  • Possibility of extensive automation
  • Flexible row distances
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The crumbling roller consists of two rollers, each equipped with serrated Hardox slats which break through the crust of even the heaviest soil types.
  • Fast, powerful agricultural machine
  • Perfect for bedding and ridge cultivation
  • 2 operations in 1 movement
  • Can be used with a light tractor
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With the rake you remove germinating weeds from the field. In the same motion, you also level the ground, aerate or work in seeds.
  • Cost efficient
  • Reliable
  • Applicable at different growth stages of the crop
  • Fast operation
  • High capacity
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GITTA Rotorake

The rotorake rotates and effectively rakes the weeds out of the rows. Even for work on heavier, uneven ground, the rotorake is the most reliable solution.
  • Efficient on large, uneven surfaces with heavy soil
  • Accurate results thanks to 3D tilt control of the rotor
  • Can be used in taller crops
  • Tough on weeds, gentle on crops
  • Requires little maintenance
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