Give germinating weeds no chance

With the rake you remove germinating weeds from the field before you start sowing or planting, but it can also be used during the growth stage of various crops. In the same movement you also level the ground, aerate the soil or work in seeds. A surprisingly versatile machine, the rake, which is available in widths from 1.5 to 12 meters.

Economical machine

The rake consists of a series of fixed spring tines that cover the entire width of the machine. Furthermore, the machine contains few moving parts, which minimizes the need for maintenance (and associated costs). Moreover, the rake lasts for a very long time.

Extremely fast machine

Speed is perhaps the rake’s greatest asset. Even more so: the faster you drive, the better the result! Of course, you can adjust your driving speed and aggressiveness of the machine according to the crop.

Before and after emergence

Before sowing and planting, the rake is the ideal machine to remove germinating weeds. After emergence – when the plant is sufficiently deeply rooted – use the rake to weed weeds, giving your crops a competitive advantage over the weeds.

Various applications

With the rake you do much more than just mechanically weeding. It is also an excellent machine for aerating the soil, leveling the ground and working in seeds. Is your meadow littered with molehills? With the rake you can remove them in no time.

Easy to adjust

You can easily adjust the pressure by adjusting the height of the support wheels. Furthermore, you can also regulate the aggressiveness of the machine by changing the angle of the spring tines. With these two parameters you set the force of the machine according to the crop.

Suitable for organic farming

The rake is popular in organic farming for a reason. After all, it gets rid of all the germinating weeds in 1 passage, without the need for chemicals.

The advantages

  • Cost efficient
  • Reliable
  • Applicable at different growth stages of the crop
  • Fast operation
  • High capacity

Technical specifications

Working widthWeight Minimum required tractor horsepower1 Ha at 12km/h
3m230kg15hp16min 30sec
6m490kg40hp8min 30sec
9m820kg60hp5min 30 sec

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