GITTA Rotorake

Efficiently remove weeds from the rows

Although the rotorake is very similar to the rake, there are 2 major differences: the rotorake rotates and rakes the weeds from the rows. The rotors work perpendicular to the direction of travel and thus remove the weeds from between the rows much more efficiently. The rotorake can also be used for more developed plants.

Effective for the toughest soil types

Thanks to the rotating movements of the tines, the weed rake has a combing effect. These movements remove weeds in the rows without damaging crops. The rotorake does a fantastic job, even in the toughest soil types.

Eliminate manual labor

The rotorake is so efficient that manual weeding is a thing of the past. Talk about saving time!

Perfect for the big challenges

With its 1.1 meter diameter rotor, the rotorake is suitable for large crops. Despite its brute force, the rotorake is gentle on crops. In addition, we always choose tines (27 in total) with a diameter of 7 mm, which wear much less quickly than the most commonly used tines with a diameter of 3 or 4 mm. The combination of the large rotor and the large tine diameter results in an ultra-efficient weeding machine.

Smooth work on uneven ground

The rotors of the rotorake can be adjusted separately and are hydraulically driven with oil from the tractor. Each rotor has its own height-adjustable support wheel. This allows you to use a rotorake on uneven ground, at a solid working speed!

Suitable for organic farming

The rotorake combs the weeds out the rows without damaging crops and without using chemicals. For an even better result, use the rotorake in combination with the hoeing machine.

The advantages

  • Efficient on large, uneven surfaces with heavy soil
  • Accurate results thanks to 3D tilt control of the rotor
  • Can be used in taller crops
  • Tough on weeds, gentle on crops
  • Requires little maintenance

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