Cross weeder GITTA Cross

The most fexible machine for level ground

Is the ground level, does it involve bed cultivation/full fields and large areas? Then our cross weeder is an excellent choice. As a unique combination of a weeding harrow and weeding rake, the tines of a cross weeder rotate 10 to 20 millimeters into the ground. This machine is also liked in tree nurseries thanks to its high passage.

Unique combination of weeding harrow and weeding rake

The cross weeder is perfect for use in, as well as between, the rows and comes into its own when used in germinating weeds. The cross weeder contains a series of sturdy tines that make circular movements in the soil. They go 10 to 20 mm deep into the ground and rake out germinating weeds. Where a weeding rake only works in one direction, the cross weeder works in both directions.

Efficient on even ground

The cross weeder gives the best results on level ground. Because you treat the entire width in 1 movement and can be flexible with the row distance, the cross weeder also works very efficiently.

Suitable for organic farming

The rotating movements of the cross weeder stir up the top layer of the soil without damaging the plants or trees and without the use of chemicals.

The advantages

  • High efficiency thanks to bidirectional operation
  • Can also be used in higher crops
  • Applicable in different growth stages
  • Operation in and between rows
  • Ideal for bedding or field cultivation
  • Possibility of extensive automation
  • Flexible row distances


The standard version:

This version is ideal for the field and tree nurseries. The cross weeder is equipped with a fixed chassis with 2 manually adjustable support wheels.

The version with depth control:

The support wheels are in the track of the tractor and 2 wheels running between the rows are used for depth control that run between the rows. Both support wheels are hydraulically controlled. This version gives you more control over how deep the tines of the cross weeder rotate into the ground. On a bed, the height difference with the track will be automatically adjusted.

Fully electrically controlled version:

The most advanced version of the cross weeder is foldable, electrically controlled and has more adjustment options. This makes the cross weeder react much faster. Moreover, this version requires less maintenance. Other features include: automatically folding wheels, automatic rotation change (clockwise and anti-clockwise) and the posibility to set the working depth per millimeter via display from the tractor.

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