Crumbling roller GITTA Break

Breaks through even the hardest soil types

The crumbling roller consists of two rollers, each equipped with Hardox slats which break through the crust of even the hardest soil types. The pressure on the ground is adjustable by means of a spindle. The crumbling roller is attached to 2 parallels, allowing it to follow the ground. All this makes the crumbling roller ideal for bed cultivation, a false seedbed and for organic farming.

Dual roller

The rollers are ground driven and interconnected with a different ratio, so one roller rotates slower than the driving speed, the other faster. This allows you to move the ground both vertically and horizontally. These tines break through the top layer of the soil and loosen even the smallest weeds, while fine-tuning the soil. This makes tilling the soil much easier afterwards, while you also mechanically remove advanced weeds.

When used in combination with a false seedbed, an optional share set is available, which can loosen the more developed weeds. The shares are staggered to avoid clogging. For optimal adjustment, you can adjust the depth of the shares, so you can tackle small and large weeds.

Ideal for bed cultivation and ridge cultivation

The crumbling roller is a handy machine. You can easily create a false seedbed with it. The GITTA Break is therefore perfectly suitable for use on beds or ridges. We have developed 2 specific types for this purpose:

  • Crumbling roller for bed cultivation:
    This crumbling roller is 1.5 to 1.8 meters wide (other dimensions on request).
  • Crumbling roller for ridge cultivation:
    With a separate parallel system per roller, and with a share or instrument to ground between the 2 rollers.

Both types can also be customised.

Fast and powerful

In addition to its strength, the crumbling roller also relies on its speed; the faster you drive, the better the result. It breaks the crust of even the hardest soils at breakneck speed. The wheels with spindle allow you to precisely adjust the pressure on the rollers according to the type of soil you want to work on.

Suitable for organic farming

The crumbling roller is the machine par excellence for bed cultivation and therefore also for the creation of false seed beds. This is a popular technique in organic agriculture.

The advantages

  • Fast, powerful agricultural machine
  • Perfect for bedding and ridge cultivation
  • 2 operations in 1 movement
  • Can be used with a light tractor


Full-width version with optional share set

Execution ridges with optional storage bin

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