Automatic leek harvester VITUS Porrum Auto

Fully automated

The harvesting section with clip bindings of the VITUS Porrum Auto is identical to the leek harvester with disc (VITUS Porrum Disc). However, the VITUS Porrum Auto is equipped with a fully automated filling system. Manual labour is unnecessary: ​​the machine automatically places the leek in a container.

Efficient cleaning

The harvesting principle of the automatic leek harvester is identical to other versions. Spiral brushes brush the hanging leaves upwards. Below the brushes, a set of razor-sharp stainless steel blades cuts the leaves to size for the first time. Next, a digging chisel breaks open the soil and loosens the leek. The leek is then clamped by a foam-coated clip binding, which picks up the leek. A first small shaker processes the excess soil around the leek. Then a large shaker will remove soil and sand from the roots of the leek.

Finally, a set of peeling tumbles ensures that the leek is cleaned. Optionally, an extra set of peeling tumbles is available that specifically targets the roots of the leek for extra thorough cleaning. The excess leaves on the outside of the leek are peeled off and soil is removed from the roots. In the case of the extra set of peeling tumbles, 1 set of tumbles works on the white of the leek and the extra set on the roots of the leek. The speeds of both tumbles can be adjusted separately.

High harvesting speed

To ensure a continuous high speed (from 2.5 to 6.5 km/h), the leek harvester also has a disc. This ensures the leek is placed nicely in line on the filling conveyor. A push wheel further aligns the leek on the filling conveyor, so the roots of the leek fit perfectly against the front of the container. The containers are filled horizontally, layer by layer, from the top. This gives you optimal filling of the container without loss of space. The leek can then be removed from the container much more easily.

As with the VITUS Porrum Disc, we offer the option to add a fan. The centrifugal effect of the disc is thus enhanced. These two components together ensure that moisture, snow and dirt are blown out of the leek.

To increase the driver’s ease of use, a depth control with a running wheel can be installed. This system ensures the digging chisel is always at the right depth. This depth can easily be set via the display in the tractor.

Gooseneck with self-developed software

To make manual labour completely unnecessary, the VITUS Porrum Auto works with a gooseneck. The gooseneck is controlled via software we have developed ourselves. The gooseneck knows perfectly when to make which movement via gyroscopes. These sensors work contactless and do not wear out.

The software ensures the leek is always placed horizontally and evenly in containers. The gooseneck moves back and forth over the container; it is not the container which moves. A wide array of container sizes is available for harvesting. A container can be programmed very easily via the user-friendly software. You move the conveyor left – right and then set it to the highest point, saving these positions in the permanent memory. The desired container can be selected afterwards.

You remain in control

The VITUS Porrum Auto is equipped as standard with a touch screen on which you can analyse very visually what is happening at that moment. You can easily adjust all parameters such as waiting times and speeds to optimise the harvesting process. The machine also has an extensive diagnostic function. Moreover, with an optional module, software updates can be done remotely.

Short payback period

The high efficiency of the VITUS Porrum Auto ensures the machine repays itself quickly. Unlike the Classic and Disc versions, the machine does not require extra manpower at the back of the machine.

Despite the fully automatic process, the harvested leek is undamaged. The brushes, shakers, peeling tumbles and disc in combination with razor-sharp blades guarantee cleaned leek which requires up to 55% less work after harvesting.

The speed of the machine speaks in its favour: the faster the machine works, the smoother the movements. This results in perfectly stacked leek with a white shaft and without damage.

The advantages

  • Fully automatic harvesting without damage
  • Filled horizontally layer by layer; leek can easily be taken out
  • Maximum filled container through a smart filling system
  • Also ideal for large-scale leek cultivation
  • Short payback period

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