Leek harvester with disc VITUS Porrum Disc

Perfectly stacked, clean and precisely cut leek

The VITUS Porrum Disc is not only larger than the Classic version, the machine also has a stronger chassis and a longer harvesting section. This creates more space for a more extensive cleaning system. The most obvious difference with the Classic harvester is the disc at the back of the machine. This aligns the leek nicely on the conveyor at the back, after which you can take the leek and then place it in a box or container.

Suitable for heavy work

The VITUS Porrum Disc is designed for greater capacity and durability. For example, the hinge bushes of the swivels are equipped with replaceable nylon bushes, which are maintenance-free and easy to replace over time.

A longer clip binding makes this leek harvester suitable for use with larger tractors, for larger surfaces and gives the machine a greater processing capacity. Thanks to bigger running wheels, which can optionally be provided with traction, the machine remains stable in the field even in wet conditions.

Bigger machine, bigger speed, bigger power and therefore more leek harvested in the same time frame!

Operation of the machine

Spiral brushes brush the hanging leaves upwards. Below the brushes, a set of razor-sharp stainless steel blades cuts the leaves to size for the first time. Next, a digging chisel breaks open the soil and loosens the leek. The leek is then clamped by a foam-coated clip binding, which picks up the leek. A first small shaker processes the excess soil around the leek. Then a large shaker will remove soil and sand from the roots of the leek.

Finally, a set of peeling tumbles ensures that the leek is cleaned. Optionally, an extra set of peeling tumbles is available that specifically targets the roots of the leek for extra thorough cleaning. The excess leaves on the outside of the leek are peeled off and soil is removed from the roots. In the case of the extra set of peeling tumbles, 1 set of tumbles works on the white of the leek and the extra set on the roots of the leek. The speeds of both tumbles can be adjusted separately.

Precision through disc

The deposit plate or ‘disc’ at the rear of the machine is a huge asset in terms of efficiency and speed. The disc takes the leek from the clip binding, makes a swinging movement and deposits the leek precise on the take-off conveyor.

In combination with an optional fan, the machine also blows moisture, snow and dirt out of the leek at the same time. As a result, the leek will keep longer after harvesting. Leek with less moisture also requires much less energy to cool.

Once the leek is on the take-off conveyor, a push roller aligns them again and then the leaf is optionally trimmed a second time. An employee at the back of the machine has only one task: taking the aligned bundles of leek from the conveyor and placing them in a container or on a trailer.

Various setting options

The leek harvester allows you to adjust various settings as desired. All blades are easily adjustable. You can adjust the speed of the clip bindings electrically from the tractor. The speeds of the peeling tumbles and shakers can also be optionally adjusted from the tractor.

Takes away a lot of manual work

The VITUS Porrum Disc takes over a lot of manual work in an efficient and fast way, by cleaning and bundling the leek better. The disc makes the leek harvester twice as fast as the VITUS Porrum Classic. The result? The leek arrives quickly, precisely cut, clean and efficiently stacked.

Both the work in the field and at the farm become much lighter. More specifically, it comes down to this:

  • More efficient stacking in the container, or wagon
  • Less cutting work in the farm
  • Less leaf waste when further cleaning the leek
  • Less soil in and on the leek and therefore lower cleaning costs

The advantages

  • Fast, efficient leek harvester
  • Harvest, cut and clean the leek in 1 movement
  • Also suitable for harvesting on trailers

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