Leek harvester VITUS Porrum Classic

Budget-friendly leek harvester

The VITUS Porrum Classic is a light and compact basic machine and requires limited manual work. At the back, an employee places the harvested leek in boxes or containers. Thanks to the various operations during harvesting, the leek has already been partly cleaned. That’s a lot of work saved afterwards!

Machine with an outstanding service life

Thanks to its durable and well-thought-out design, the leek harvester is made very compact. The machine can be used with a light tractor. The machine can be equipped with all cleaning elements which are to be found on the larger versions (VITUS Porrum Disc and VITUS Porrum Auto).

Efficient cleaning

Torpedoes or spiral brushes bring the hanging leaves upwards. For the optional version with brushes, a set of razor-sharp stainless steel blades cuts the leaves to size for the first time. Next, a digging chisel breaks open the soil and loosens the leek. The leek is then clamped by a foam coated clip bindings, which picks up the leek. A first small shaker processes the excess soil around the leek. Then a large shaker will remove soil and sand from the roots of the leek. Finally, an optional set of peeling tumbles ensures that the leek is cleaned. The excess leaves on the outside of the leek are peeled off and soil is removed from the roots. A foldable white sail ensures the dirt form the shakers and peeling tumbles falls down instead of onto the next row of leek.

Manual work made lighter

Our Classic leek harvester needs 1 person in the tractor and 1 person at the back to place the harvested leek in containers. The machine makes a big difference on manual work:

  • Removes the leek from the ground without damage
  • Shakes the soil from the leek
  • Peels excess leaves and weeds from the shaft
  • Place the leek on a take-off conveyor for easy placing in a box or container

Working ergonomically

The person at the back of the machine who places the leek in boxes, racks or containers does so in an ergonomic and particularly efficient manner. A lift raises and lowers the containers, racks or boxes. The take-off conveyor is height adjustable, which ensures an ergonomic position.


The speed at which the VITUS Porrum Classic operates depends on the working speed of the person at the back off the machine. Usually this is 0.6 to 1 km per hour. This doesn’t seem fast, but it is. The speed of the clip bindings can also be easily adjusted. This can be done manually from the machine or electrically from the tractor.

The machine is strong and compact and can work in all types of soil. For heavy soil types, such as West Flemish clay soil, we recommend providing the machine with traction. This way, the leek harvester can push itself forward if necessary.

The advantages

  • Light and compact design, a light tractor is sufficient
  • Harvests, cuts and also cleans the leek
  • Suitable for all soil types

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