Leek cutter VASCO Porrum Cut

Depending on your customers’ needs, you can even trim the leek to size after washing. The machine can be equipped with one or more fixed blades or with flexibly adjustable blades. The machine is electrically driven and can be easily integrated into existing leek lines or used standalone.

Adjustable blades

The fixed setup is usually chosen to cut leeks into parts, e.g. for soup.

The flexible setup allows you to set the length of the leek using a spindle. Here, you can flexibly set both the length of the leaves and the root. Certain end-customers only want to keep the white of the leek, this can be done quickly with the flexible setup.

Version with water jet

To achieve the ultimate cutting result, you can replace the stainless steel blades with water jets. These jets cuts the leek perfectly straight, even at a micro level. This allows the leek to be stored for an exceptionally long time. The leek is cut by water under ultra high pressure. This is the most hygienic way to cut leek, so no contamination is possible.


The advantages

  • Precisely cut leek
  • Version possible with water jet for ultra-precise cutting results and long storage time
  • Blades easily and quickly adjustable in position

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