Celeriac washer VASCO Celeriac Clean

Up to 2000 clean celeriacs per hour

With our celeriac washer, you can quickly and efficiently clean up to 2.000 celeriacs per hour. Even celeriac coming from the cold store can be cleaned perfectly thanks to the durable and high-quality brushes. Our VASCO Celeriac Clean has an exceptionally long service life. The drive is completely separated from the washing section. There is built-in central lubrication, which ensures easy maintenance.

Sophisticated brush system

The celeriac washer is a brush washer with 3 nylon brushes with a plastic core. Two of them are straight brushes, the other is a spiral brush. The brushes are mounted on stainless steel shafts as standard, which ensures easy maintenance (replacing bearings and brushes).

The machine is adjustable according to the size of the celeriac. Via a spindle, the spiral brush is adjustable in angle, by adjusting the angle you will adjust the passage. The celeriac rotates around its axis in the machine so that the brushes brush away soil everywhere.

The integrated spray system keeps the brushes clean and rinses away sand and dirt from the celeriac.

Different versions

In the standard version, the brushes are 1m long and are in 1 piece. It is a compact machine which is easy to move.

In the XL version, the brushes are 2m long and consist of brush segments of 10cm each. The XL version can be integrated in a line, the larger input allows the celeriac to be supplied automatically via a conveyor belt. The XL version has a higher processing capacity and has a better cleaning result thanks to the longer brushes.


Celeriac coming out of the cold store can be perfectly cleaned with our VASCO Celeriac Clean. Use an immersion bath to soften the dried soil. After this, the soil can be removed faster and better. Know that at Vanhoucke Machine Engineering we can integrate such an immersion process into the celeriac washing line.

Celeriac washing line

Both the standard and the XL version can be integrated into a line, although the XL is more equipped for this. For those who want to process a double capacity, the XL version can be made in a double version. An integrated sorting unit ensures the large and small celeriacs are separated, resulting in a perfect cleaning result.

The advantages

  • High-quality and durable brushes ensure intense cleaning
  • Clean up to 2000 celeriacs in 1 hour
  • Integrated in a line or standalone

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