Leek washing line VASCO Porrum Cut & Clean

The leek washing line cuts your leek quickly and accurately to the desired length, removes the root and cleans the leek. The VASCO Porrum Cut & Clean is designed for a long lifespan and easy maintenance. The machine is equipped with central lubrication as standard and all maintenance-sensitive components are easily accessible. The leek which has been processed by the leek washing line requires virtually no manual work and is ready for sale.

First compartment: trim root and leaves

The leek arrives dirty from the field or from the cold store and is placed on the infeed conveyor. The leek then goes into the first compartment of the machine. There the leek is aligned for the first time with a stainless steel pin roller and clamped. A set of razor-sharp adjustable stainless steel blades will cut the leaves to the desired length. Simultaneously the root is trimmed for the first time. Optionally, you can align the leek a second time and then trim the root a second time for a more precise result. To clean the leek, several water jets are provided to rinse the dirt off the leek. These are adjustable; the nozzles of the water jets have different intensities according to their position. The water jets aimed at the leaves and white of the leek have a lower intensity than those aimed at the roots.

Second compartment: peeling the leek

The leek is held securely with a continuous clip binding. Then two peeling tumbles sliding back and forth peel the outer leaf from the leek. These peeling tumbles have an adjustable waiting time on the root so that the outer leaf of the leek is completely removed, including on the root plate. The peeling tumbles are equipped with a rinsing system which sprays the root extra clean.

Optional third compartment: hyper-precise trimming

To meet the highest standards of your customers, the machine can be equipped with a third compartment. Here the leeks are aligned a third time and the root is trimmed very precisely. Soft brushes brush the leek leaves nice and straight, so that all the leaves are finally trimmed. The additional root and leaf cutter can be adjusted from the outside with a spindle, so you can quickly and easily determine the length.

The advantages

  • Saves manual work
  • Very accurately cuts the leaves and root of the leek
  • Large capacity
  • Low maintenance

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