Green waste disposal system VASCO Discharge

3 different systems

The VASCO Discharge is a convenient waste disposal system which we offer in 3 versions:

  • A system with a scraper conveyor
  • A system with a drag box
  • A system with a PVC conveyor belt

Scraper conveyor system

The version with scraper conveyor works optimally for wet green waste. The main advantage of the scraper conveyor is its silent operation and continuous removal of green waste. The scraper conveyor runs in a stainless steel gutter, ensuring streamlined disposal. Replaceable rubber wipers carry the green waste through the gutter. The scraper conveyor system can be embedded in the floor or installed on top of it.

Drag box system

The drag box is very effective for removing both wet and dry green waste. The drag box moves back and forth by means of a steel cable. The drag box is equipped with a flap which closes when it takes the waste and opens automatically when it returns its starting position. The entire process runs automatically and the waiting time can be set. This allows you to set the process perfectly for optimal leaf removal. The drag box is always embedded in the floor, this ensures a clean finish and simplifies the cleaning of the workplace.

PVC conveyor belt system

This system is designed for dry green waste. For example, in the case of dry cut leeks. The waste falls onto the PVC conveyor belt, which has a continuous operation. The PVC conveyor belt transports the green waste to the desired location. Optional is an automatic discharge system for filling trailers. The PVC conveyor belt is always installed on the floor.

The advantages

  • For dry and / or wet green waste
  • Efficient way to dispose of green waste
  • Tailored to your processing process
  • Easy in use and maintenance


Scraper conveyor

Drag box

PVC conveyor belt

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