VASCO Carousel

Check and sort

The carousel is a buffer usually placed after a washing line. Here you can check, sort and, if necessary, treat your product. With this buffer system you can work continuously, even if you need to change your boxes at the inlet of a washing line. With a carousel you can work with several workers in a limited space. The carousel allows you to be flexible with the number of workers. For example, if a worker is temporarily absent, the processing capacity is reduced, but the other workers can remain in the same place and continue to work at the same pace.

Multiple levels

A carousel consists of 1 or more levels and can be equipped with a discharge system for your vegetable waste.

If you only use the carousel as a buffer, 1 level is sufficient. If you still want to treat the product, 2 levels are recommended. If you also want to sort the product, usually 3 levels are used. With 2 levels, the leek from the washing line ends up on the bottom level. Place the leek you have processed on the top level. If you have three levels, you can sort the leek over the top 2 levels. Then you can sort by size, for example.

The largest standard carousel has an outer diameter of 5 meters and has been developed in such a way that you can connect an automatic take-off system to it.

When you treat the vegetables, it is recommended to choose a version with an integrated gutter under the 1st level. Employees use the gutter to dispose of the green waste. The gutter is continuously cleaned with rubber wipers.

Adjusting speed

The speed of the carousel can be adjusted, depending on the processing capacity.

The carousel is either hydraulically or electrically driven. The hydraulic version can be connected to an existing hydraulic system. This is more economical to purchase and ensures that the carousel works together with your washing line. With the hydraulic version you have a greater range of adjustment options. An electrically powered carousel can be a stand-alone machine or integrated into a fully electrically driven line.

Final rinse

An option with the carousel is a final rinse. This will rinse the last residues from the vegetables.

The advantages

  • Efficiently check and sort vegetables
  • Integrated into existing line or stand-alone machine
  • For leeks and celeriac, among others

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