Sideshift ELAR Shift

Make your agricultural machine work even more accurately

Our ELAR Shift is very simple, it is a hydraulically controlled frame with a second 3rd point which is controlled by sensors. A sideshift between your tractor and machine takes up all the slack and ensures the machine does its work even more precisely. The sideshift works ideally for ridge cultivation.

If you only use GPS guidance, you will have a deviation of 2cm to even 4cm. Several factors contribute to this. For example, you have the ridges pulled by another tractor that is equipped with a different GPS or the same GPS system, but which is not accurate. All the different deviations together can have a major impact on the result. To compensate for this and strive for higher precision, our sideshift is the best tool. So this an ideal combination to use, for example, when seeding you need to have the seeds in the middle of the ridge, even without GPS.

A sideshift will also take up the play on the tractor. You can get play due to loose support arms, play on the support arms, too low tire pressure, inaccurate operation of the tractor.

In short: by sowing the seed more neatly in the middle of the ridge, the crop is less likely to dehydrate, the ridges are less damaged, and weed control becomes more precise. So the sideshift in itself ensures a higher yield and a better harvest.

Ultrasonic sensors

The sideshift uses two ultrasonic sensors to align itself on the ridge. The sensors work via sound waves, not lasers. This has the advantage that the operation cannot be disturbed by dust.

Intelligent software

If the machine hanging behind the tractor is not perfectly aligned, you can compensate for this with the sideshift software. This way, you do not have to manually reset the sensors, because you can virtually adjust the center position. The machine will automatically center itself when lifted. So when turning, you always end up in the middle of the ridge.

The software is also equipped with a diagnostic function. Even if one sensor breaks, the other sensor and the software will catch this.

Proportional system

Our ELAR Shift works proportionally; the greater the deviation, the faster the machine is adjusted. The same applies vice versa; the closer to the center, the more gentle the sideshift moves. This makes the sideshift very precise and also less subject to wear. Thanks to the smooth alignment, the hitched machine is also less subject to wear and tear.

Compatible with most agricultural machines

The sideshift is equipped with category 2/3 and is also equipped with an extra 12V plug, for the planting or sowing computers of the machine attached to the sideshift.

Maintenance-free and compact

The sideshift does not need to be lubricated because it is equipped with Teflon sliding slats. This ensures that the sideshift also functions perfectly in dusty conditions.

Thanks to the compact dimensions of the sideshift, the machine remains as close as possible to the tractor.

The advantages

  • 100% reliable precision
  • Accurate communication between tractor and machine
  • Wear-resistant, low maintenance costs
  • More homogeneous growth of crops

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