ELAR Reel Roll-up system

Efficient rolling up and unrolling

Save time and reduce labour with our ELAR Reel reeling system. If you want to roll up and unroll agro textiles and store them, our system can help you with this. The roll-up system consists of a durable steel frame with a width of 2m. This frame is equipped with two attachment points; one on the wide and one on the narrow side.

Hydraulically driven

The hydraulic system allows you to choose the speed of rolling. The machine is equipped with a free-running function to easily unroll the agro textiles. The machine has a compact design; we placed the motor on the inside and connected it to the roller tube via a duplex chain. This rolling tube has four bearings to make rolling up as efficient as possible.

Roll-up and roll-off tube

The roll-up system comes with 4 square tubes and 1 round tube as standard. The square tubes have a better grip for rolling up the agro textiles and can also be used to unroll them afterwards.

With the round tube you can easily unroll new canvases, agro textiles, plastic,…. New canvases are often supplied in rolls, you can easily unroll them by sliding our round tube through.

The machine uses standard square or round tubes, the guide wheels are bolted on. This has the advantage less space is required for storage. It is also more economical to purchase if you need multiple tubes for storage.

Adjustable guide wheels

The guide wheels are separately adjustable in width, so you can use the ELAR Reel not only for wider agro textiles, but also for narrower applications such as ropes and hoses. The guide wheels consist of round tubes, which guide the agro textiles better and do not damage the agro textiles. As a result, your agro textiles have a longer lifespan.

Optional guide arm

For a better rolling performance, you can opt for a guide arm with proportional control. The guide arm is electro-hydraulically operated with a joystick from the tractor. This package also includes proportional control of the roll-up system, to regulate the speed of roll-up from the tractor.

The advantages

  • Less labour needed
  • Can be used in greenhouses
  • Efficient rolling up and unrolling of plastic sheeting, tarpaulins, ropes, hoses,...
  • Hydraulically driven with tractor oil


Standard execution

With hydraulically operated guide arm

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