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Customisation consists of both adapting machines from our range and developing completely new machines based on customer challenges. Below, we show some examples of customised machines.


Greenhouse burner on rail

One of our customers does not want to drive the tractor into the greenhouse after the tillage has been done, to prevent soil compaction. We therefore developed a greenhouse burner on rail. Based on an existing burner but made much lighter and more compact.

We developed a floating burner which hangs on a rail and functions 100% autonomously. The burner is deadly efficient for germinating weeds, diseases and fungi. Ideal for greenhouses where, for example, salad is sown.


Weed burner between pumpkins

For a pumpkin grower, we were looking for a solution to effectively destroy weeds in a non-chemical way. We chose weed burning as it works very efficiently against large and small weeds, germinating weeds and to destroy certain fungi and diseases.

As a basis, we chose the TRYFON Heavy, with 2 burner sections mounted on 1 frame. These sections are hydraulically adjustable in width, allowing you to work both full-field and with adjustable spacing for the pumpkins.


Carrot washer

A customer who wanted to wash his carrots himself before delivering them to the processing company asked us for a customised solution. Here, it was very important that the carrots were washed quickly and undamaged; all the sand had to be removed.

As a basis, we chose a celeriac drum and adapted the drum for carrots. Here, the steel slats were placed closer together. The construction was reinforced and the drum was fitted with frequency control to regulate the speed. The carrots are cleaned by mutual friction. We rinse with water to remove the sand.


Leek harvester Bulgina

A grower of Bulgina leek contacted us to automate the harvesting process. This leek variant can grow up to 120cm.

We started from our existing leek harvesters, combining different parts. So we ended up with a new type of harvester, but retained the standard parts. The leeks end up on a wide conveyor belt where they are automatically placed in the container.


Waterjet leek cutter

The customer was looking for a solution to cut leeks and allow the leeks to be stored longer. Especially the quality of the cut must always be outstanding. Standard stainless steel blades are subject to wear and the cut is ragged at a micro level, where with a waterjet the cut is always perfectly straight.

Waterjet is a technology in which water cuts through leeks under extremely high pressure of up to 3600 bar. The advantage is that water cuts much more precisely and hygienically than blades. This eliminates the risk of contamination. The waterjet system also has a much faster processing speed than blades.


CIMAT project: multi-deployable agro robot

Staff shortages, rising labour costs and energy prices… they are also very noticeable in the agricultural sector. Robotisation may provide a solution in the (near) future.

In the European CIMAT project, together with ILVO, we were responsible for the development of the robot and associated tools. The principle was based on a tool carrier where it is important that all tools are easily accessible and clear. Because off the requirements of the project, an all-electric control was chosen. All four wheels are driven and can also be controlled separately.


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