Turnip harvester VITUS Rapa

Efficient harvesting

The turnip harvester or VITUS Rapa harvests quickly and accurately without damaging. The turnip harvester has a compact design and can also be used in wet weather conditions. The machine is easy to adjust, ensuring a precise cutting height of the leaf. The clip bindings can also be adjusted electronically from the tractor. The turnip harvester is fully automated and makes manual labour unnecessary. The crops are harvested very precisely and without damage, which also makes the machine suitable for the fresh market.

Specifically developed for turnips

The VITUS Rapa is a clip binding harvester which has been specifically developed for harvesting turnips. We offer 2 versions in clip bindings: either a PVC belt covered with cellular rubber for preserving the leaf, or a toothed rubber pulling belt that can perfectly clamp the turnips in all conditions, thus always ensuring a perfect cutting height of the leaf.

The strength of the VITUS Rapa lies in the precise collaboration of the various components:

  • A set of torpedoes in the front lift up the leaves of the turnips low to the ground
  • Clip bindings pull the turnips up by the leaves
  • A soft belt (PVC belt with cellular rubber) ensures the leaves are not damaged
  • Alternative: a rubber pulling belt ensures the leaves are firmly clamped, so the cutting height is always perfect
  • Set of razor-sharp stainless steel blades which can be opened or closed: when open, the leaf is preserved; when closed, the leaf is cut off.
  • With box or bunker as storage method, eliminating the need for a trailer in the field.
  • A folding mower along the side already cuts off excess leaves from the next rows.

Different executions

The machine is available in 3 different executions: with a tilting lift, with a bunker or with a large conveyor belt for harvesting directly into trailers. In the first case, the lift is tiltable, allowing the turnips to slide into the container to avoid crop damage. In the version with bunker, the turnips are stored in the bunker and then emptied into a trailer. In the version with a conveyor belt, a trailer drives next to the tractor in which the turnips are then placed.

Robust and sturdy

Even in wet weather conditions, you can count on the turnip harvester for an efficient harvest. The average harvesting speed is 3.5 to 4 km per hour. The well-thought-out steel chassis ensures a very strong machine without extra weight.

The advantages

  • Replaces manual labour
  • Strong machine in wet weather conditions
  • Suitable for the fresh market
  • Easily adjustable

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