Fennel harvester VITUS Faeniculi

Efficient fennel harvesting for fresh market and industry

A set of torpedoes lift the leaves of the fennel, then 2 hydraulically driven discs cut the fennel at the root. The fennel is then clamped by a set of toothed tension belts. Two razor-sharp stainless steel blades under the tension belts cut the leaves, after which the fennel ends up in a container via the collection belt. This is done accurately, efficiently, quickly and without damage to the fennel.

Specifically developed for fennel

Our fennel harvester is a clip binding harvester that has been specifically developed for harvesting fennel. Characteristic of this machine is the standard ground tracking system. This system consists of a set of oscillating running wheels that follow the ground. Irregularities in the field are absorbed, ensuring the root is always cut at the correct height.

A set of convex discs is provided to cut the fennel very precisely. These are adjustable in height, angle and mutually adjustable.

If the row spacing is smaller, the leaves of the fennel can often become entangled. The VITUS Faeniculi is equipped with a cutter bar on the side of the machine to cut the tangled leaves and thus avoid damage to the next row.

For fresh market and industry

The operation of the fennel harvester ensures the fennel ends up in the container undamaged. The machine is completely controlled from the tractor. By adjusting the speed of the clip bindings, the fennel is clamped straight and cut precisely at the root and leaves. The machine is equipped with a tiltable lifting mast on which the container stands. By tilting the container, the fennel slides into the container to avoid fall damage.

Light machine, easy to maintain

Thanks to the light weight of 1500kg, the machine can be used as long as the tractor can easily drive on the field. Even in wet conditions, the fennel harvester reaches a speed of 3.5 to 4 km per hour. In addition, the machine requires very little maintenance.

The advantages

  • No damage to crops and suitable for the fresh market
  • Light, strong machine
  • Precise alternative to manual labour

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