Celeriac harvester VITUS Celeriac

The VITUS Celeriac is a versatile machine that quickly and accurately cuts celeriac from the ground, cleans it and automatically transports it to containers or trailers.

Strong and efficient harvesting process

The celeriac harvester is equipped with a set of torpedoes with extra rubber fingers that comb up all the hanging leaves. Then the Hardox half-moon-shaped blade underneath the torpedoes cuts off the roots at the bottom and sides. The clip binding system takes hold of the celeriac and brings it to the rear of the machine. During this process, a set of large peeling tumbles clean the celeriac, removing soil and loose leaves.

At the top of the machine, a set of Hardox serrated blades cuts the celeriac leaves. The celeriac ends up on an axial roller bed: rubber rollers with or without a spiral that pull the leaves and the root.

The customer can choose between two options to dispose of the celeriac:

  • Single box with a tilting lift: with a sieve belt, the celeriac is placed in a container that is tilted on a lift to absorb the fall height.
  • Trailer loader: with a longer sieving belt, the celeriac is discharged to a passing trailer. This system is available in 3 versions, with the useful passage height of 2.5m, 3.5m and 4m.

Two types of clip bindings

If you want to preserve the leaves of celeriac, you can choose a clip binding which is covered with soft cell rubber. This protects the leaf, preventing it from being damaged. The axial roller bed is also replaced by a longer sieving belt to preserve the leafy green.

Another option is to use toothed pulling belts, which have maximum grip on the leaves. This allows the harvester to harvest optimally even in difficult conditions. In this process, the leaves cannot be preserved.

Can be used in various crops

With some modifications, the harvester can also be used for harvesting black radish, turnips and red beets. For more information, please contact us.

The advantages

  • Quick and easy harvesting process
  • Easy to adjust for other crops
  • Fully automatic process

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