Weed burners are available in multiple variants and dimensions. The weed burner not only kills the weed, but it also destroys the weed germs, tracks, molds and bacteria. This reduces the diseases that a field can suffer from. The weed burner can also be used to terminate the foliage of potatoes. The hot air heatens the cell, which will burst open so the weed fades quickly.

burning with air support

Full field weed-burner

The full field weed-burner distinguishes itself on the market tanks to its solid construction. The chassis is completely metallized and painted; with this treatment the machine remains in great shape despite heavy work environment. The burnerbox is upholstered with a high-quality isolation, supported by a stainless-steel net. As standard two height adjustable support plates are installed on the sides of the burner. The front and back of the burning box is sealed by stainless steel plates which can be cut to the shape of the field structure (on demand).

Each burner section is provided with its own electronic ignition with security unit. The burner itself has a pilot flame and main flame, controllable from within the tractor. Our burners are equipped with airflow support by a fan. This has the following advantages:

  • There always is plenty of oxygen, so the burning process is efficient with a very high burning temperature.
  • The hot airflow is forced to the backside of the section. The flames are pushed towards the ground.
  • No influence due to squalls.

The burner is fueled by liquid propane gas. All pipes and couplings are made of stainless steel. The larger weed burners can be equipped with steel balloon wheels to support the machine. Those wheels run in the tracks of the tractor.

Different types:

  • 1,5 – 1,8 – 2,5 – 3 – 4.5 – 6 meter with fixed frame
  • 4,5 – 5,4 – 6 – 9 meter with hydraulic foldable frame
  • Other dimensions on demand


Compressor to blow the remaining gas out of the tubes when the burner is turned off.
PLC with 7″ screen to control thermic weed burner
Support wheels

Row burner

Tijdens het branden

The row weed-burners are used to deliver heat precisely where it is needed on the field. It’s economic in terms of consumption, because the burning zone is limited to a small zone. Burning can be done on or in between the rows of crop. When burning on the rows there is a difference between burning before or after the growth of the crop.

When you burn before the crop is visible, there will be a difference between the crop and the weed. The crop will grow faster than the weed, so the hoe can be used afterwards.

When you burn when the crop is growing, the weed will be killed but the crop will be damaged too. However, research did not mark any difference in growth. If the crop can’t stand the heat, there can be added two disks that protect the crop during the burning process.

The row weed-burners are added to the fixed frame or are mounted on the parallels of a weeder (so both methods are combined in one treatment). The burners are fueled by liquid or gaseous propane and are always equipped with a seal-valve. Ignition is manually and optionally there can be electronic ignition.
The position of the burning head is easy to control, due to the ball-and-socket joint. The burning elements can have the following dimensions: 5, 10 or 15 cm.
Height and width are adjustable.