This harvester is designed for family businesses who are looking for a robust machine with a long operating lifetime. The machine has it’s own hydraulic circuit, only the cylinders to control the height need oil from the tractor. The large shaking device, conveyor and picking table are steplesly variable in speed. All cylinders are controlled by a cobra switch. The harvester is equipped with the necessary lights to travel on the road.

  • Steel knife that goes underneath the leek, it breaks open the ground to release the roots of the leek. The knife is adjustable in height.
  • The combination of a small and a large shaking device removes the soil from the roots of the leek. The small device is positioned partly in the ground and it’s movement is around a horizontal axes.
  • After the shaking devices the machine can be equipped with peeling tumbles (optional) to clean out dirt and leaves.
  • The conveyor that picks the leek out of the ground and places it on the picking table is endlessly welded and is covered with UV resistant cellular rubber.
  • The picking table consists of a PVC conveyor. It’s adjustable in hight. The operator picks up the leek and places it by hand in the box.
  • The machine can pick up different types of boxes.


  • Peeling tumbles.
  • Leaf cutting with mowing knives above the conveyor.
  • Leaf cutting with brushes and stainless steel knives at the front of the machine.
  • Larger wheels with tractor profile.
  • Traction assistance on the right wheel, to harvest during heavy conditions.

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