Higher harvesting speed than the standard leek harvester. This is possible because the disk places the leek nicely on the picking table. The operator receives the leek in packets. Every disk equipped harvester has a longer harvest conveyor, so there is room for more instruments. The corner between conveyor and soil is reduced with the long conveyor, and that avoids leek damage.

The movements of the shaking devices are optimized to reduce leek damage.  The speed of the large shaking device and the conveyor is electrically adjustable through proportional valves with potentiometer. This type of harvester is always equipped with two peeling tumbles who remove the remaining dirt from the roots of the leek. The disk positions the  leek nicely on the picking table. The leek can be cut by a cutting device at the back (see picture) or at the front (with brushes and stainless steel knives). At the end of the picking table there is a stainless steel picking plate so the leek can be easily picked up by hand.


  • Leaf cutting with brushes and stainless steel knives at the front of the machine.
  • Wheels with traction profile.
  • Traction assistance on the right wheel, to harvest during heavy conditions.

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