Solid construction with state of the art results.

  • Completely hydraulically driven, with a hydraulic power pac with electrical engine 4 kW, all hydraulic motors are Sauer-Danfoss.
  • Construction completely in stainless steel
  • 2 doors with lifting pistons and electrical safety contact
  • The leek has to be put on a conveyor at the start of the machine
  • The leaves are cut of with 2 rotating knives (clean cut)
  • The roots cutting device has 3 different types none, standard or precision.
  • Then the leek goes through 2 rotating peeling tumbles with over 500 peeling fingers, which travels the leek continuously from the roots to the leaves. It takes the dirty leaves and pulls them off.
  • Water sprinklers at different places in the machine clean the dirt away.
  • All functions are adjustable from the electrical control unit.

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