For vast leek areas.

A steel knife that goes underneath the leek, to break open the ground and to release the roots of the leek. The knife is adjustable in height by a spindle or optional by hydraulic engine.
A small shaking device at the front of the machine (to clean out the ground in between the roots). This shaking device has a horizontal axis movement; therefore the machine has great ground removing capacity.
A great shaking device underneath the clip bindings. Adjustable in different directions.
Peeling tumbles to clean out dirt.
At the end of the clip bindings the leek is taken by a disc and placed on a conveyor. Behind the conveyor there is a rotating knife that cuts of the leaves of the leek. Knife adjustable in length.
The leek is placed into the boxes by a PLC-controlled conveyor arm. The conveyor arm travels the box from the left to the right and back. Various sensors control the leek filling of the box. Intelligent system with digitalized information in the tractor cabin.
The lifting device is equipped with side shift and a hydraulic pinch to hold the boxes. PLC memory for 100 different box types.

  • Machine equipped with own hydraulic system, all hydraulic components are from Sauer-Danfoss, regulation by flow compensating VRFC3 valves. Triple hydraulic pump, less oil heating.
  • Electro-hydraulic control of all functions within the tractor cabin, by control box with display.
  • Tires Ø1000×500 (claw profile)