Standard harvester

The standard harvester is designed for family businesses. It can be equipped with peeling tumbles, leaf cutting devices,…

Disk harvester

A faster harvest speed can be achieved with a disk harvester. The disk can be syncronised with the other conveyors.

Automatic harvester

The automatic harvester can be compared with a modified disk harvester. It does not need a person on the machine to put the leek in the box. After the disk a intelligent guidance puts the leek in a container.
The guidance can achieve a perfect box filling without leekdamage.

Cleaning line

Cleaning and peeling line

Silent installation to clean leek and to cut the leek on a perfect lenght. Due to a unique system to align the leek and the smart drum-system, this high technological machine is capable to process leek at a high speed.

We have two systems: IP 3000 and IP4500

Cleaning line

The cleaning line can be used for leek, but also for various other vegetables. Knives can be installed to cut off the excess leaves on a preset length.


A perfect combination with leek the cleaning line. Installed after the cleaning line, in this way the processed leek is collected in a buffer. Multiple layers are possible.

Waste disposal system

Collect and remove waste from your workspace. The waste falls down in a concrete gutter, a system collects the waste and transports it outside on a galvanised/stainless steel construction. The waste is collected on a pile / wagon.