The cabbage harvester is suitable for harvesting different types of cabbage, like red cabbage, white cabbage and green cabbage. We offer two main types of harvesters, one for industrial treated cabbage (direct processing) and one for fresh market (storage) cabbage. The harvesting principle is the same for both harvesters.

The cabbages are lifted upwards by two propelled torpedoes. These torpedoes lift the cabbages to the front of the clip bindings. All leafs are folded around the cabbage to protect it.

The clip bindings, assisted with stainless steel bars take the cabbage and pull them out of the ground. Both clip bindings have cabbage shaped cutouts. Underneath the clip bindings a propelled stainless steel blade cuts the roots and the redundant leafs. This blade is adjustable in height.

The harvesting system is copyrighted and designed in 2003.

Harvester for industrial treatment:

At the end of the clip bindings there are two conveyors turning in opposite direction to clean out the redundant leafs that were folded around the cabbage. After the rolls there is an elevator, who takes the cabbage to a container, or directly into a trailer riding aside.


  • container changer for 3 containers
  • wagon loader standard or XL for wagons up to 3.5m height

Harvester for fresh market use:

At the end of the clip binding there is a PVC conveyor. The employees take of the cabbage and place them into the container or crates. The redundant leafs fall down at the end of the conveyor.


  • Turnable elevator for easier filling.
  • Double platforms or double elevator for storage of the containers


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